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We ship cars overseas to every port in the world: Finland, Germany, United Emirates, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, Baltic countries, you name it.

Ship with us! Only our company can load up to 6 compact cars into a single container to save you money on transportation costs.

Car Shipping Company

Auto Transportation

Only our company can load up to 6 compact cars into a single container to save you money on costs. We can guaranteed delivery in 15 or 17 days.

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Ware Housing

Warehouse services

We have warehouses all over USA, near all major ports. Our main warehouse is in Bayonne, NJ and is more than 10 acres with professional loading docks.

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Car Shipping Company

RoRo and Air

Marine Transport Logistics offers Roll-On/Roll-Off [RoRo] service specializing in the transport of all types of rolling stocks [cars, trucks, trailers etc].

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There is no substitute for experience. MTL has over 20 years experience in the logistic industry. We will get your cargo from point A to point B no matter what
it takes. You can rest assured that all of your questions will be answered and that your logistics budget will be fairly and modestly utilized. Remember your business is our number one priority.

Professional Loading

We specialize in doing the complex loads that others cant. Up to 6 cars per container, oversized boats, farm and constructions equipment,

30 Day free storage

All autos/boats/equipment being exported via MTL is stored in our facilities free of charge for up to 30 days if so required.

Online order Tracking

Track your shipment from loading to port of discharge via our interactive website tracking feature.

Top notch support

MTL’s professional and friendly staff are there to assist all of your shipping questions from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday.

Secured Warehousing

Your cargo will be safely held at our facility until shipment is ready to be exported.

Customizable Solutions

We cater to projects that most others don’t. We can transport oversized goods to most locations worldwide. If you have such a request just send it over to us.

Our partners

Marine Transport Logistics have partnered with top ocean carriers in the industry to offer the best rates and service for our clients to any destination worldwide.

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