After dealing with air transportation for over 15 years, we are proud to offer the best air rates to worldwide destinations. Our trucks depart our New Jersey warehouse and go to airports on a daily basis. Regardless of the location of your cargo, our trucks are always ready to pick it up and deliver it to our nearest warehouse in order to prepare it for shipment.

We ship cars by air to any destination in the world. It takes only a few days for you to receive your car purchased in the USA, whether you are in Almata, Berlin, Baku, or Moscow. We create special frames to ensure the safety of your car while in transit and take care of all the necessary paperwork required for export of autos.

We also assist in providing customs clearance of your cargo at the airports of Russia, Ukraine, the Baltic countries, China, and United Arab Emirates. Our 70 agents worldwide can help with any transit cargo requirements shipped to any airport, or can deliver your cargo to the neighboring country, if required by political or other situations.

If timing is important, use our air transport option; you won’t be disappointed.