We ship cars overseas to every port in the world: Finland, Germany, United Emirates, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Russia, Africa, Australia, Baltic countries, you name it…

Ship with us! Only our company can load up to 6 compact cars into a single container to save you money on transportation costs. Only our company knows how to load 3 full-size SUVs into one container. We can guaranteed delivery from New Jersey to Finland in 15 days or to Dubai in 17 days.

For overseas freight rate quotes, international car shipping, booking, dispatch, and final delivery of the vehicle, Marine Transport Logistics delivers first-rate international logistics, timely and cost effective multimodal transportation, and accredited international vehicle-shipping services. Marine Transport Logistics has a team of experienced, knowledgeable international car-shipping specialists that provide a superior level of vehicle-shipping service. We use the most efficient car-shipping resources to deliver the best international vehicle-shipping results. We provide the appropriate handling procedures and required shipping equipment, in addition to loading and unloading facilities, to accommodate safe and efficient international vehicle shipping for each unique shipment.

Many foreign governments have laws that can affect your international vehicle shipment and impose duties on your cargo shipment. Please be prepared to provide receipts for any new merchandise in your international vehicle shipment. We strive to inform you accurately about all potential charges you may face for the international shipment of your vehicle.

Automobile transportation service package:

  • Choice of suitable transport, selected with consideration for your cargo
  • Development of optimal routes
  • Transportation of cargo of any type by motor carrier on the territory of the Russian Federation, or on CIS Railways for most European and Asian countries
  • Delivery of cargo from the warehouse to the air plane or a sea vessel
  • Safety of cargo while in transport
  • Constant monitoring of your cargo
  • Optional insurance at discount rates for your cargo
  • Customs registration of export-import transactions