Multimodal Transportation refers to a system involving the use of more than one means of transport, such as a successive combination of truck, railcar, airplane, or ship-e.g., a container line that operates both a ship and a rail system of double-stack trains.

Multimodal transport, which is planned and coordinated as a single operation, minimizes loss of time and risk of loss, pilferage, or damage to cargo at trans-shipment points. Marine Transport Logistics maintains its own communication links and coordinates interchange at trans-shipment points.

As the consignor, you have to deal only with us in all matters relating to the transportation of your cargo, including the settlement of claims for loss of goods, damage to them, or delay in delivery at destination.

We have the knowledge and experience to organize the transportation of your cargo through different modes of transport. We are constantly updated on what is happening in technological developments, the political stability of countries, congestion of routes, or mergers of operators to ensure the safety of your cargo. We have long and established relations with the trucking companies, railways, shipping lines, and other transport operators to transport the goods from one place to another within the shortest time possible.