Vehicle Shipping Regulations

Please follow the important procedures for exporting automobiles to ensure compliance with U.S. Customs. It will also assist in minimizing delays, and be avoiding costs due to non-compliance.


  • All units with model year 2011, 2012 & 2013 require an original, notarized bill of sale along with the original title.
  • If there is a “lien holder” shown on the title, and the unit is manufactured within the past ten (10) years, there must be a separate original, notarized “lien release letter” (on the respective companies letterhead) submitted along with the title. The lien release stamps on titles will only be honored for units older than ten (10) years old.


  • Egypt (Port Said, Damietta, and Alexandria): New Vehicles Only (Not exceeding 1 year old) Port Said will allow used vehicles not exceeding 10 years of age)
  • Lebanon: No autos over 8 years old. (Pick-up trucks running on gasoline there are no restrictions) (Diesel engine pick-up trucks subject to 5 yr age limit & payload should be at least 3.5 tons) (CMA).
  • Kuwait: No autos over 5 years old. Individuals cannot import more than one auto at a time. If there are multiple autos on the b/l it needs to be consigned to a company. (CMA)
  • Libya (Benghazi, Misurata, and El Khoms) ALL TYPES of VEHICLES – (cars/auto/vehicles/motorcycles/watercraft/jet skis/boats) made in 2008 or newer will be accepted. No autos or ATV’s can discharge in Tripoli. All vehicles must be in good condition, not damaged and drivable, no salvaged material. Any shipments rejected by the Libyan Customs will have to be returned to origin or redirected at shipper’s expense. (CMA)
  • Russia (Taganrog): No Autos Allowed
  • Syria (Latakkia): No Autos Allowed
  • Tunisia (Tunis & Sfax) :No autos or ATV’s (except new vehicles’ shipped by a brand concessionaire to a Tunisian brand concessionaire or diplomatic auto).
  • Pakistan: No autos over 3 years old, exclusion: if customer provides a written confirmation at the time booking and on the BL that “CARGO IN TRANSIT TO AFGHANISTAN” then there are no autos/vehicles/cars restrictions. (CMA)
    Yemen (Hodeidah): No autos over 7 years old and they cannot be damaged vehicles.(CMA).
  • MSC only 3 restrictions: 1) Cars which are technically unfit for driving 2) Car Chassis 3) Cars which is converted as left hand driving.
  • Paraguay: No autos over 10 years old.
  • Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Damman, Riyadh, Yambu, etc.): Regular passenger autos, buses and light trucks must not be more than 5 years old and heavy transportation trucks must not be more than 10 years old. Also any damaged, salvaged, dented or previously used vehicles for police or taxi services are prohibited.
  • Lagos/Nigeria (UASC): Cars older than 15 years are prohibited. Will have to be 1998 and newer.
  • Lagos/Nigeria(Maersk) Used Motor Vehicles with year of manufacture older than fifteen (15) years– are not allowed for importation into Nigeria.
  • Bolivia: No used autos allowed.

C) RAMP BOOKINGS: Procedures for loading and rail billing request:

  • Only 1 vehicle can be loaded per 20’ Standard Dry Container and 2 vehicles per 40’ Standard Dry Container
    Vehicles cannot be stacked on top of each other – They are only loaded one high.
  • Vehicles cannot be suspended with wire / chains / nylon bandings or blocking above the floor loaded vehicle.
  • All four tires of each vehicle must remain on the container floor.
  • A dock receipt is required.
  • The dock receipt must include a signed and dated statement confirming the battery has been disconnected and all fuel has been drained from the gas/diesel tank.
  • If sailing from the Port of New York, rail billing will only be accepted on the 1st & 2nd days of receiving before the rail cut-off.