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Dear customer, Inland Freight rate given is always an estimate. Prices may vary on market condition and driver availability.

    Please note:
    • All prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    • All rates are provided as reference only and subject to change without prior notice
    • All rates are for drivable vehicles only. Towable vehicles are subject to $30/vehicle surcharge
    • Consolidation rates are based on 4 vehicles per container, depends on the availability.
    • Rates provided may be applicable for regular sized vehicles, such as sedans and small/mid-size SUV’s. If you’re looking to ship greater vehicle, transportation cost may increase up to two times. Rate increase may be based on vehicle length, width, height or weight. To ensure you are given a proper rate, please, always reconfirm it with our dispatch department.
    • For additional pricing information and for consolidation availability please call 1(201)858-8600