Marine Transport Logistics has direct service contracts with most major steamship lines, allowing us to offer low rates on cargo transportation in containers from the USA to any destination worldwide. For your convenience we provide options for cargo consolidation. In addition, we use state-of-the-art tracking systems that allow us to monitor your cargo constantly and keep you updated during every step of your cargo’s transportation process.

We offer unbeatable prices for transportation of your cargo in containers to any destination in the former Soviet Union via ports in Kotka and Helsinki in Finland, and in St. Petersburg in the Russian Federation. Our agents will take care of all the necessary documentation and paperwork for you. Depending on your cargo, we offer various shipping options:

  • FCL – container dedicated to your cargo (20′, 40′ DC, 40′ HC, 45′ HC).
  • LCL – the consolidated shipment.

Transportation by sea service package:

  • Complete freight-forwarding service by sea.
  • Arrangement for container’s transportation.
  • Cargo consolidation.
  • Arrangements for cargo reloading in different ports.
  • International standards of delivery (F.A.S., F.O.B.)
  • Individual delivery schemes.
  • Storage of containers at specially equipped warehouses.
  • Expedition of your cargo.
  • Redirection of cargo along the line.
  • Representation of your interests at port agencies and steamship lines.
  • Customs registration of cargo at international ports.
  • Door-to-door delivery.
  • Professional legal and logistical support.
  • Important information regarding u.s. customs inspection procedures:
  • Any and all shipments arriving to or departing from the usa are subject to and can be inspected by the u.s. customs and border protection. u.s. customs randomly pulls containers for inspection at the port for security & safety reasons. the inspection can be done either at the terminal by x-ray, open visual inspection, or by transferring the container to a bonded warehouse and doing a total de-vanning of the container for inspection of contents.
  • All charges incurred from the ocean line and/or the bonded warehouse as a result of the u.s. customs inspection is the total responsibility of the shipper. if these charges are not paid within the given time frame, then the shipper can incur additional storage fees and penalties, with the possibility of their cargo being seized.
  • Marine Transport Logistics is not responsible for any of the charges resulting from u.s. customs exams because Marine Transport Logistics is acting on behalf of the shipper, and they do not hold title or ownership of the shipment