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As global trade continues to expand so too does the need for advanced logistical support. Here at Marine Transport Logistics (MTL), our highly-technical staff provides professional networking that ensures your air cargo and international air freight is carefully tracked, managed, and delivered from origin to destination.

Premiere Air Freight Service

Expansive Networking

It’s our seamless integration of customer needs, end-to-end visibility, and premium cargo handling that has allowed us to create a stable, consistent infrastructure that benefits brands and businesses with a wide range of focus areas.

In fact, we are the very best air freight forwarder for those who need specialized air cargo support, be it air-to-sea, or sea-to-air shipment, or other airfreight specifics. And because we offer air freight rates that match your budget and your delivery date needs, you won’t find a safer, more reliable partner for all your transportation requirements.


A foremost air freight operator with a global presence, here are just a few of the comprehensive ways we can support your service requests:

  • Expansive network and contact list with global connections.
  • Multiple local and international freight destination areas are accessible.
  • Affordable rates with consistent support for brands and businesses of all sizes.
  • Dedicated teams and services available anywhere and everywhere in the world.
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Faster, Smarter, More Efficient

Marine Transport Logistics focuses on three very important factors when it comes to shipping: speed, time, and cost. By properly balancing these areas as it relates to our customers’ needs, we’re able to provide a unique advantage over other carriers. In fact, we ensure our air freight transportation is utilized to its fullest extent, be it the need for open co-loading or co-load consolidation services.
More importantly, we want to create strong relationships with each of our clients, which is why we go above and beyond from the time we start creating shipping plans until they reach your “doorstep”. That’s because we understand that quick, efficient, and customer-focused support is great, but care, concern, and accuracy means dependability.
When you need to develop a profitable supply chain that reflects your national or international growth and distribution needs, Marine Transport Logistics will be there to create a logistics and shipping profile that suits your specific lead times, budget costs, and goals.
International Air Freight Shipping

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