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Worldwide Shipping

Sea freight and containerized shipping allows manufacturers and wholesalers to move large products and consolidated merchandise internationally with ease.  As worldwide shipping specialists, Marine Transport Logistics can assist our customers with car shipping, and full container load shipping (FCL), in order to transport cargo with ease to any global destination.

Container Shipping Relocation Service

Car Shipping via Container 

Committed to keeping ocean freight rates as low as possible, Marine Transport Logistics is able to quote the best sea freight rates for automobiles, by loading more vehicles per shipping container.

Dedicated to diligent and professional heavy goods handling, our worldwide shipping teams can prepare up to six regular sized automobiles for transport as part of a single full container load (FCL) shipment.  This allows us to greatly reduce overall cargo costs, whilst simultaneously helping ensure safer transportation of cars and other heavy goods cargo.

Container Car Shipping to Europe Africa

Ocean Freight Cargo

In addition to offering international car shipping, Marine Transport Logistics can facilitate the safe warehouse storage, port handling, and sea freight container packing, of a wide variety of heavy goods items.

We offer container shipping solutions for:

  • Pallets of retail goods
  • Worldwide shipping of perishable goods
  • Oversize cars & SUVs
  • Hazardous Goods
  • High-value & fragile items
International Container Car Shipping

Worldwide shipping sees high-value goods exported and imported all around the world. As well as ocean freight rates, those shipping goods, therefore, also need to be fully aware of any import and/or export restrictions and surcharges.

As well as providing expert cargo handling, freight forwarding, and tracking of cargo, MTL can also help handle several essential bureaucratic processes.

When shipping cars and other heavy goods between worldwide shipping destinations, we squeeze the most out of every square inch of sea freight container space. Many smaller businesses, however, will often find that even a single shipping container is surplus to their real requirements.

Thankfully, for less than container load (LCL) clients, Marine Transport Logistics can help keep ocean freight rates to a minimum by allowing different clients to share container space. LCL cargo ocean freight rates will then be determined based on the volume and weight of goods being shipped, rather than rates per shipping container.

In any kind of international freight forwarding context, problems can manifest occasionally. This is why at Marine Transport Logistics, we invest heavily in professional customer support. Should problems ever arise, you can subsequently rest assured that these will be followed up immediately.

Break Bulk Ocean Shipping

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