International Car Shipping – the U.S to Ukraine

Are you interested in shipping your car over to Ukraine?
When it comes to overseas vehicle shipping from the U.S, nobody does it like Marine Transport Logistics. We provided premium international shipping services from the moment we started operations in 2001.
Are you ready for your international shipping? Here is our guide on shipping a car to Ukraine from the U.S!

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Shipping in Containers

Container shipping can either be shared (consolidated) or exclusive (full cargo load). Consolidated shipping combines multiple shipments into one container. Your car will be placed in a container with other cars, and possibly other freight. This saves you money but can extend service times. FCL shipping is more expensive, but you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vehicle isn’t sharing space with other freight.
Regardless of the option you choose, we can arrange to have your car transported from its point of purchase to one of our convenient warehouses. From there it’s either loaded into its own container and trucked to the port of departure or its brought to the port for inclusion in an existing container shipment. The container is then loaded onto the ship, bound for its delivery port.

RoRo Shipping

RORO (Roll On Roll Off) is the simplest and cheapest method of shipping for vehicles. Vehicles are driven directly onto the RORO vessel and secured to the car decks. They are securely inside the vessel, wind-and-watertight. It is important to note that you cannot ship personal effects using this method, but spare tire and factory fitted accessories are allowed. Ideal for shipping car, motorcycle, truck, specialty vehicle, equipment and boat.

Customs & Duty

When you travel internationally, we all know that it is essential to get your documents right. International shipping is no different. Ukraine customs and duty rules can be complex depending on the contents of your shipment. Trust MTL for customs clearance, we’ve compiled Ukraine customs laws in an easy to follow format.
Taxation: The taxation for a Ukraine depends on the local GST/VAT, as well as the item category and its declared value.
The tax & duty threshold is the amount at which a person begins paying taxes based on the declared value of an item.

Auctions and Delivery

We help clients arrange for the purchase of used cars at auction houses around the country. If you’re an exporter or a member of the public that’s purchased used vehicles from a wholesale auction house like IAAI, Manheim or Copart, we can help facilitate the transfer of your vehicles to our warehouse.
We have warehouses servicing the largest ports in the U.S., including ports in New York, Savannah, and Los Angeles, among many others. We have the infrastructure and the experience to move your vehicle from wherever it’s purchased to your location in Ukraine as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible.

Shipping from the U.S

We will deliver your car from any part of the U.S. as soon as we agree on a price. Or you can drop the car at any of our port warehouses close to you to reduce the cost of transportation. Once we agree on the necessary details, the car can be shipped from any dealership or auction down to you in Ukraine.
Without delay, we’ll start preparing the vehicle for shipment as soon as it is in our possession. An inspection report is then sent to you with photos of the vehicle. Once this is over, we will ship your vehicle with the next vessel available and send you the Bill of Lading with the necessary ETA so the vehicle can be cleared to enter Ukraine.

Importing cars into Ukraine

Popular Ukrainian destinations
Odessa is the major destination port for the importation of cars into Ukraine. Your car comes into the country and undergoes custom clearance in this port. We will have your car delivered to your chosen destination as soon as it is cleared. However, some people chose to pick up their cars directly from the Odessa port.
When it comes to car shipping, Odessa, Kharkiv, and Kyiv are the cities to beat. These cities are the most populated and have a lot of expats residing there. We also ship to neighboring countries, such as Lithuania, Germany, Poland and rest of the Europe.

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